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The ‘90s came, and technology as we know it took over. Professionals in the financial industry now have advanced technology to do their biddings with. This technology is changing how people do finances and connect with money. Think of how strange it would be for a modern accountant to lack accounting software today. Competing in finance requires you to compete through the best technologies we have. Fintech is important to understand in the financial industry. 

Digital and Thus Global Banking
No matter where you reside in the financial industry, financial services have never been more available around the globe. Global citizens who lack brick-and-mortar banks can, instead, open their accounts online. Every financial institution has a larger market to provide financial services within. Spot prices are a key facet behind the trend of globalization. Accessing live prices enables investors to make decisions with accuracy and updated information. 

Automation and Artificial Intelligence
Automation occurs when computers shortcut our own efforts. This could be in the form of a calculator or a mapping app. The automation of the financial industry is used to interpret data and track new sources of information. Relying on automation gives you a capacity that only the most competitive professionals have. Organizing portfolios and identifying profitable assets can be done with little time and less confusion. Your clarity in finance makes technology a must. 

When automation becomes the best accounting software, you end up with blockchain. Also known as distributed ledger technology, blockchain does its accounting on autopilot. The transactions occurring within a block are encrypted and known only to the algorithm that wrote it. This layer of protection results in irrefutable accounting that humanity can rely on. Bring money into this same equation, and the necessity behind blockchain is inevitable in finance. 

Never Take Your Sights Off the Innovation
The advances in technology shouldn’t be an excuse to overlook innovation. Technology is only a tool. How it’s used dictates the final results you get from it. Knowing how these advances in social work give you an edge.