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The fintech sector is growing at an astounding rate. That’s the good news. The challenging news for fintech startups is that the market for new entries has quickly become crowded, even saturated.

That means fintech newcomers cannot rely alone on the innovative edge of their product to carry the day. True success is predicated upon a smart marketing strategy. Here on some specific fintech online techniques to promote a fintech product or service.

The Power of Mobile
Consider that consumers spend an average of five hours a day with eyes glued to a mobile device. The number of people using fintech apps surpassed two billion in 2020. Furthermore, more than 30% of American banking customers have used at least one form of fintech app. In Fintech, mobile is the same as the game.

What this means is that you must incorporate a mobile responsive element to your marketing, including configuring your website to interact seamlessly with mobile. A good mobile element will deliver higher Google rankings.

Develop a Vivid Brand
To stand out, you need a brand that stands out from the crowd. Decide early what your “special sauce” will be – your USP, Unique Selling Proposition. Help your customers understand the purpose and benefits of using your fintech app. Explaining just the features is not enough. People need a clear answer for “what’s in it for me?” if they choose your product.

By engaging, we mean interacting with customers as much as possible online – but that also includes voice phone calls and e-mails. Don’t forget the comments section of social media sites.

Studies show that fintech companies that maintain active blogs enjoy 97% more inbound links. Also, 70% of people state they would rather learn about a product from company content (articles) rather than ads.

The Power of Video
Video remains an almost unrivaled medium for promotion. Some even go as far as to say that a fintech company should strive to be a media company first and a fintech company second! The point is, that video has been shown to produce a 54% greater market awareness for new companies.