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Financial literacy is important at many stages of life, yet countless individuals struggle to understand the basics of creating a budget, saving for retirement, or negotiating a fair salary. Tons of free information exists, including these great TED talks, to help even the most novice learner understand more about their financial situation.

Personal Finances

John Doerr discusses the importance of goal setting in his TED talk, “Why the secret to success is setting the right goal.” He speaks to an audience that could include just about anyone trying to master their personal financial situation. Doerr stresses purposeful spending and saving habits and teaches listeners how to tackle debt from virtually any perspective, even recovery from bankruptcy. Tim Ferriss discuss the opposite viewpoint in his TED talk, “Why you should define your fears instead of your goals.” Ferriss delves into the psychology behind money management and helps his audience understand their personal financial style. Both talks offer a wealth of information and practical tips that viewers can implement immediately.

Income Strategies

“The business benefits of doing good,” a TED talk by Wendy Woods, provides an insightful look at personal and corporate investing. With an emphasis on sustainability and social justice efforts, Woods explains how any investor can round out their portfolio and help the planet. In his informative discussion, “What the Social Progress Index can reveal about your country,” Michael Green introduces a holistic approach to investing. He introduces a viable strategy to produce steady streams of investment income while also focusing on reducing class disparity.

Future Growth Plans

In her empowering TED talk, “Know your worth, and then ask for it,” Casey Brown gives solid advice for individuals. Brown provides tips for communicating initial salary ranges and well deserved compensation increases. She also discusses why these conversations are difficult for so many and offers humorous insight for getting past the awkward and onto the profitable. “The true cost of financial dependence,” featuring Estelle Gibson offers an alarmingly real look at the personal financial crisis. A consumer mentality is stifling the wealth potential for families and limiting future inheritance opportunities. Gibson calculates the true cost of borrowing and outlines the tremendous benefits of living debt free.