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To succeed in life, one must have a good sense of how to obtain and protect their money. Financial knowledge can be difficult to obtain, especially if you’re looking in the wrong places. Outdated textbooks can only offer so much help.

Fortunately, there now exist podcasts on almost any subject, hosted by experienced professionals willing to pass on their knowledge. Financial advice is one of the most popular podcast topics, with dozens of choices available. If you ever wished you had a friend to offer advice about money management, one of these podcasts might be what you need.

Some of the best podcasts about finances include:

1- The Fairer Cents

It’s no secret that women face more obstacles receiving equal pay in the workplace. The Fairer Cents is a podcast that sheds light on these issues, offering advice on how fight for the pay that you deserve.

The podcast is educational, so everyone will benefit from listening to it, not only women. Once everyone has become aware of these challenges, we will bring the world one step closer to gender equality.

2- Robinhood

Based on the popular investing app, this podcast hopes to make the business of investment accessible to all people. Robinhood podcast keeps its listeners up to date, giving advice for situations they are likely to face in their investments. Each episode is fifteen minutes long and packed with information that will be valuable in the long term.

3- You Need A Budget

With each episode lasting twenty minutes, You Need A Budget is a great tool for becoming financially knowledgeable. Host Jesse Mecham has three goals: “To help you get out of debt, save more money, and beat the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.” YNAB presents important strategies using casual language, helping its listeners create plans that will help save money.


With so many people facing financial struggles, it is important to learn the responsible usage of money and savings. Listen to these educational podcasts and take advice from professionals. They will prepare you to use your money wisely and with confidence.