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There are endless, safe, and proven ways to invest your money, but many of them are hidden by weird, technical jargon. You might have the capacity for private equity, for example, but can’t say exactly what that is. Equity is another term for a stake, investment or value. When made plural, equities refer to stocks and the certificates that once represented them. Equity is also found in a home purchase because, in this case, it’s the true value of something and is therefore equitable. Your ownership of a business is also called equity. 

First, What is Public Equity
Before diving too deep into private equity, contrasting it with public equity will give you a better understanding. Publicly traded companies are those found on public stock markets. These companies are represented by equity or stock shares. By law, private equity companies cannot be publicly traded on a stock exchange. They also have no way for mergers or acquisitions to acquire them without consent. This is because public interest doesn’t govern a private business. 

The Advantages of Private Equity
Investors and business owners prefer private companies because of their freedom. Private agencies can still go public, and this might be the type of investment you make in private equity. Additionally, there are no SEC regulations over your finances if you operate privately. When making big decisions about your business or investing in it, what the public thinks won’t hurt your money the way falling stocks do. Private businesses also tend to work in B2B industries.

Investing Through a Private Equity Firm
Private equity isn’t complex but does take years to truly develop a knack for. This is why many clients invest in private equity through investment firms. Private equity firms are entities with large portfolios of companies they own and manage. Investing into such firms allows you to earn portions of the equity these agencies hold in yearly management. Bypassing a private equity firm is possible, but this option is for a high-net-worth that can buy full companies in one swoop.